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Auto Shipping Rate

What exactly do we pay for, when we ship a vehicle? To answer this, we have to take a look at the basic questions asked when we call or visit the website of a moving company to get an auto shipping quote.

What type, model and year is the vehicle?

Compiling the auto shipping rate starts with gathering information about the nature of the parcel. The provided details allow for calculations regarding the weight and size of the vehicle to be made. The more space it takes on the auto carrier, and the more fuel is used to transport it, the higher the hauling cost will be. Plus, unconventional and oversized machines like boats or RVs need a specialty carrier which also adds to the total.

Is your vehicle running?

Occasionally the vehicle will need to be driven on and off a trailer and that is why most auto shipping companies specify it should be in running condition. If it is non-operational, moving it will require more work and attention, so it should come as no surprise that additional charges apply. 

What are the pick up and drop off points?

This is one of the most complex factors that reflect on the cost of moving a vehicle. The first thing to be taken into account here are the fuel prices. Their steady growth in the last years has forced the industry to increase the rates, especially for long moves.

Toll road fees, additional staff to cover long distances in a timely manner, as well as origin and destination points that are off the popular routes and would entail detours to complete the delivery also play their role.

What is the time frame?

It is not just about choosing a standard or a fast track service, although when we want something done in a rush we should be prepared to pay extra for it. Apart from our schedule, it is also the dates themselves that matter. The rule of thumb is that summer is the busiest time of the year and car shipping rates are often higher during this period.

What type of auto transporter is best for your type of vehicle?

The most common options are open and enclosed, with open trailer being the more popular choice. It is cheaper and suggests that all vehicles are loaded onto multi-level open air transporters that leave them exposed to the elements. While this poses no significant threat to most mainstream passenger vehicles, collectors and exotic ones are better off with an enclosed trailer. It is more pricey, but is a wise investment, considering that the costs of repairing a classic car could easily reach five digits.

How many vehicles are we moving to same location?

From an organizational point of view, hauling two cars to a single destination is simpler than delivering each of them to a separate location. As a token of gratitude, discounts are often available for customers who move multiple vehicles. The size of the reduction is set in accordance with the quantity of parcels- the bigger the number, the better the deal.

Based on the answers we give to all these questions, the final component of the auto shipping rate is formed.

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