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Auto Transport basics

Step One: Request Online Instant Auto Shipping Quote & Place Order

The first and most important step in the auto shipping process is to request your Auto Shipping Quote. Shipping quotes may often vary by hundreds of dollars from company to company. Although price is an important factor to consider and of course you always want to get the best price to ship your vehicle, it is more important to evaluate all factors when choosing a company. Some unscrupulous auto transport companies will provide you low estimates, only to tack on extra charges once you have signed their contract. Make sure you receive a written quote from a licensed and insured company that has extensive experience with the type of auto shipping service you require. With so many companies competing for your business, the hardest task is choosing the one that's right for you. We've all heard horror stories from friends and family about disreputable auto shipping companies, and it is important to sort the good from the bad. It is critical that you get this choice right the first time. Getting it wrong could cost you time, money, and heartache. A good way to find a reliable car transport company is by recommendation or reputation. It is especially wise to choose a company that has taken the time and trouble to become accredited members with (a Better Business Bureau organization) and other shipping associations such as Companies that are accredited adhere to higher standards and you may have recourse to action if problems do occur. Once your choice has been made, you are ready to move forward and place your order. Placing your order online or directly over the phone with an auto shipping agent is a simple process that takes just a few minutes. After your order has been placed, you will be emailed a contract with our terms and conditions that will need to be reviewed and electronically signed upon receipt.

Step Two: Carrier Assigned & Pickup Scheduled

After your order has been placed, and based upon the Service Type you have selected, your order will be processed for pickup by the first available truck. Once we have assigned a carrier, you will be notified by our Dispatch Department. If the booking arrangements (dates, times, etc) are suitable for you, the you will then be asked to pay your booking deposit to secure the shipment. At that point,you will be emailed out a dispatch itenerary, which will include your assigned carriers information and also the scheduled dates for both pickup and delivery.

Step Three: Vehicle Picked-Up & Delivered to Your Door

The driver will call your pickup contact 10 to 24 hours prior to the scheduled loading date to make the proper arrangements. Once arranged, the carrier will arrive at the pickup address provided. The driver and your pickup contact will then due a vehicle inspection and the vehicle(s) will be loaded onto the trailer and secured for transport. Once picked up, your vehicle will be directly in route for delivery, with no truck transfers or storing in between. Delivery of your vehicle will take approximately 1 day for every 300 miles traveled. Once the driver is nearing your delivery location, he will call your delivery contact to schedule. Again this would take place approximately 10-24 hours prior to the actual delivery day. Once arranged, the carrier will arrive at the delivery address provided. The driver will offload the vehicle(s) and final inspection will be done by delivery contact. Once approved, the delivery contact will pay the driver the remaining balance in cash or cashiers check. The keys and copy of Bill Of Lading/Receipt will then be given to delivery contact.

Step Four: ‘Like Us’, Rate Us, & Collect Rebates

After delivery we'll send you an email requesting that you take a moment and review the service you received with Autoline and our carrier. We value your input greatly and use this information to better our services. For taking the time to do so, Autoline offers rebates up to $25.

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