Hushhhhh – 3 Things They Don’t Tell You About When Shipping Your Car Across the Country

urlFor many people, car shipping isn’t exactly based on common knowledge. Most people do not know anything about the logistics that are needed in order to ship a car from point A to point B, nor do they even know how to prepare their car for a major trip. If this is your first time shipping your car, you might be unsure as to what to expect, and you probably don’t know what to do in order to make the transport as safe, easy and quick as possible. The more that you know about car transport, the better off you will be in terms of knowing what to do and what to expect. Here are three things that most car shippers don’t tell first time customers.

1. There may be delays, and there’s really no way to predict when it will happen and how long a delay may be.  It’s important to realize that most companies do not have major delays too often, but issues such as traffic, high volume of orders, and accidents can seriously impact the time it takes to deliver the cars. If you are worried about the car shipment being delayed, it’s important to consider the option of shipping the car ahead of time, or of paying a little bit extra in order to go with a more reliable shipper. Companies should notify if your car is going to be delayed in transit.

2.  Insurance is a must when you choose to transport your car. Any reliable transport company worth its salt will have a minimum amount of insurance that they place on any car that they are transporting. Any bump, scrape, or ding that your car endures during transport should be covered by insurance. People who are really concerned about the possibility of damage to their car should consider buying extra insurance to cover any unknowns that could happen. If your car isn’t insured for the transport job, any damage that it incurs while traveling from point A to point B will have to be paid by YOU and not the shipper.

3 .You can use your car shipping experience to haul other things to your new destination. Newbies to the car shipping world are often surprised to find out that they can put clothes, furniture, and similar items that need to be transported in the car that is supposed to be shipped and have them get shipped to the final destination as well. This is a usually unspoken service that many veterans of the car transport world know about and often tell friends about. Go ahead – save a couple of bucks on moving!

We understand that this experience can be an emotionally and financially draining issue, but it is easy to remedy the trouble. The more that you ask about different company policies and about things that you should expect during the shipment, the better off you will be, both emotionally and financially.

Posted on October 4th, 2013

Car Coverings That Protect Your Vehicle During Car Shipping

about-cutterMany car owners who are passionate about the cars they drive want to make sure that they are shipped without a single scratch, and shipped with as little exposure to the elements as possible. Car dealers, too, often do whatever they can in order to make sure that the brand new cars that they are selling arrive at the dealership lot without a single scratch. This means that many car owners and dealers want to choose car shipping that will keep them safe. What many people don’t realize is that there are others steps that they can take in order to keep their car spotless during transport.

One of the best ways to keep your car safe from the elements (as well as bird poop) during transit without having to splurge on a closed car shipping trailer is to buy a vehicle protection covering to keep grit, grime, cold, and other potentially damaging things off your car. Vehicle protection coverings are disposable wraps that help prevent damage from things that could typically damage your car. Depending on the kind of coverings you intend on buying, a typical covering can cost anywhere from $59 to $179. A high quality car covering can provide up to 14 days of protection with ease.

The best thing about getting a Road Wrap covering for your car is that you can install them and use them yourself. All you have to do is slowly maneuver the wrap around the car and keep the wrap tightly bound to the car’s exterior, much like what you do if you are covering a dish with plastic wrap. It typically only takes 10 to 45 minutes to cover your car, depending on how much coverage you are looking to have. Uninstalling it is just as easy. Once your car has reached its destination, you can unwrap the cover, or you can simply use a knife to cut it off.

There are certain people who would likely find more reason and more need to use car coverings during their car transport. Car dealerships almost always use car coverings of some sort in order to protect their cars. After all, no one wants to buy a brand new car that already has a scratch on it. Car collectors who are bringing their favorite vehicles to major auto shows would also be wise to add a protective layer around their prized possessions. Lastly, many car owners who simply take a lot of pride in their car’s paint job, or in their car in general, tend to want to have car coverings for the big trip.

Car coverings are by no means mandatory for car shipping, but most experts would agree that they are well worth the extra investment for many reasons. People who want to get their car safely from their original location to their final destination should definitely consider wrapping their car up for the trip. After all, a little bit of preventative care can keep you from having to spend a lot of money on fixing up a paint job.

Posted on August 17th, 2013

To Ship or Not to Ship Your Car When Moving to New York City

imgresMoving to New York City can be one of the single most intimidating things for a person who is new to city living to do. It isn’t only the packing, nor is it getting used to the extremely well-connected public transportation system. It’s just getting all of your things to your new home, whether it is in Queens or in Manhattan.

The biggest decision that you are going to have to make as a New Yorker is whether or not you want to keep your car at all. With parking in New York City reaching prices as high as $50 a day, you may need to consider whether or not having a car in your new location is worth the price. In boroughs like Staten Island, Queens, and the Bronx, parking will be less of a problem. Once you have made a decision on the question of whether or not it makes sense to keep your car, it’s time to figure out how to safely and cheaply transport your car to New York City.

Bringing a car into New York City from another state is quite costly. When it comes to making the drive to New York, one of the costliest issues that you will have to deal with will likely be the gas to get there, assuming that you are coming from another state. Expect to pay anywhere from $20 to over $300 dollars in order to get your car into the city limits if you are coming from another state. Another major issue that drivers will need to deal with financially is the price of tolls in New York City. You can expect to pay anywhere from $8 to $16 dollars just to enter the city from some entrances.This doesn’t include any wear and tear that your car may endure during your travels, either.

The problem of finances is multiplied by the number of cars that you are looking to ship. Soon, shipping both family cars will become an issue that costs hundreds of dollars per car. If you choose to hire someone to drive your car to the city, then you will also have to deal with paying the person for their time, effort, and transportation back home. Yes, moving to New York City – especially if you are moving cars to your new apartment’s location – is a very, very costly thing to do.

The best way to get your auto’s into the city limits is to use an auto transport service to ship your cars to a local drop-off point. This cuts the amount of money that you will have to pay for gas, as well as the amount of cash that you would have to pay for tolls. You also don’t have to worry about taking off from work to make the potentially day-long trek out to New York City. It also ensures that you will not have to worry about any damage that your car could incur while driving down the highway. As a result, calling up a reliable auto transport service is a smart choice for those who are New to New York City.

Posted on June 17th, 2013

Things to consider when moving to Chicago, IL

imagesWhen you decide to make the move to Chicago, you already know for a fact that you will have a lot of work cut out for you. You already know that you will have to pack up your belongings just like you would any other moving trip, and you already know that you are going to have to schedule your movers  just right. You also know that you are going to have to come up with a way to get both yourself and your car to Chicago in one piece.

Of course, for those who are already local to the Chicago area, moving from house to house is a lot more simple than for those who are moving across states. Most people who are making a move to the Chicago area from far away don’t know what to expect when it comes to parking, or how they should bring their car to their brand new home. For many new Chicagoans, this can be one of the hardest pieces of the moving puzzle to place.

The fact is that many people who move to Chicago choose to forgo their car in the move, simply because parking in most parts of Chicago can be very difficult to find. However, if you are moving to Chicago and need a car, you have to think about how to get your car from your old home to Chicago. Driving over to Chicago can cause a lot of wear and tear on your car, and that doesn’t even take the time and effort it takes to make the trek across state lines.

The cost of gas is also a major monetary factor to take into account when moving to Chicago from outside of your state. Depending on where you are moving from, driving your car can cost you several hundred dollars alone. When you factor in the possibility of having to move multiple cars to your new home, both money and logistics become a major issue. Not only will gas by multiplied by a factor of two, but coordinating everything so that both of your cars get moved can cause a lot of grief for those who simply don’t want to have to do all the planning.

What most professional movers will recommend is hiring an auto transport company to bring both (or more) of your cars to Chicago as you make your move. An auto transport company will often give you a multiple car discount, will deliver your car to the drop off location closest to you, and will also leave the logistics planning to the professionals. Moreover, what many people don’t realize is that using an auto transport company can also help you save money, since the cost of gas won’t be a factor, nor will the cost of tolls.

If you want to move to Chicago, you would be wise to look into auto shippers’ price quotes for your cars. As many smart and savvy moving companies will tell you, it’s the easiest way to make sure that your car gets to your new home in one piece

Posted on June 5th, 2013

Important Advice On Moving To Los Angeles

People who are moving to Los Angeles have a lot of important choices to make. One choice which is a no-brainer for many new residents is the choice to keep your car. As one of the largest cities in the United States, Los Angeles is known for having a lot more parking spots than other similarly large cities like New York City or Chicago. Los Angeles is also one of the country’s largest metropolitan areas with a large percentage of driving commuters. For most people, owning a car in Los Angeles isn’t really a maybe – it’s a must.

The problem with bringing your car to Los Angeles is that the traffic in and out of the city is considered to be some of the worst in the country. It’s not uncommon to be stuck for hours in bumper to bumper traffic jams, waiting for the gridlock to disperse. What may appear to be a 4 or 5 hour trip on your driving instructions can quickly become a trip that turns into a full day event. That being said, many people who are moving to Los Angeles quickly become shocked when their plans go awry due to traffic delays on the drive to their new home.

Tolls and gas costs are also a big factor for those who are trying to move to Los Angeles. If you are moving from an East Coast city like Miami or New York, you can easily expect your gas fare alone to reach over $300 easily. You can also expect to deal with hundreds of dollars in toll fees as wel. This doesn’t even take into account the fact that making the trip across the US via car can take weeks to do safely if you are the one who is driving. You may also need to factor in hotel room stays and meals on the road.

For those who appreciate convenience, as well as those who are coming from a far away state or country, the best way to get your car to Los Angeles on time is to call up an auto shipping company to do your transporting for you. This cuts the amount of gas that you will have to spend, and also the amount of time that you would have to spend driving across the US. You also won’t have to worry about toll prices, hotel rooms, or any other major spending issues that normally comes with driving your car for long distances.

Another added benefit of using an auto transport service to aid your move to Los Angeles is that you will not have to worry about coming up with the best route to get to your new home, nor will you have to worry about logistics issues that come with driving in a major city. Yes, it’s true, choosing a reliable auto transport service for your Los Angeles move may just be the best way to avoid major moving headaches that often cause undue stress on those who are making the big trip.

Posted on May 28th, 2013