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Use Fast-Trac for the quickest pickup and

and delivery times


Standard Shipping provides 1 to 7 day pickup window and 2-10 days for delivery


With Autoline’s Fast-Trac Service, you are assured to get a spot at the front of the line.

How it Works

When you choose to Fast-Trac your car shipment, you are authorizing an additional bonus to be added to your order’s carrier pay. This bonus will be used to entice auto carriers to give your order priority over their other loads. The more you authorize, the more carriers we will have to work with and in-turn help in expediting the pickup and delivery.*

Why Use Fast-Trac - Why Pay More

Typically our standard priced orders are picked-up within the first 7 days of availability, and more often than not, these orders are picked up within the first three days. However, for car shipments on overbooked and/or uncommon routes, shippers may experience a longer than average wait time. A good way to look at it is: When using a broker, like Autoline, you must wait in ‘line’ until a carrier is assigned to your order and in this ‘line’ the higher paying loads/vehicles are always given priority. By using Fast-Trac, you are assuring yourself a place in the front of that ‘line’.

When to Use Fast-Trac

Obviously, we don’t want you to have to pay more than you need to and on most major routes, during the majority of the year, you shouldn't have to. Fast-Trac service is reserved for customers who don't have much flexibility in their schedules and also, for customers who are shipping on uncommon or heavily booked routes. It’s always a good idea to speak with your Autoline Agent to determine if a Fast-Trac upgrade is right for your specific auto transport.

*Autoline cannot make guarantees on pickup and/or delivery times. All times listed here or provided by an agent should be considered estimates. All bookings are based solely on specific route conditions and available carriers on these routes.

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