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What's the best option for you,
Open or Enclosed Trailer?


Choosing how to transport your vehicle is nearly as important as choosing who to transport with. There are two main types of transport: open auto shipping and enclosed auto shipping. Each type is used for different purposes, and it is important to know what you you’re looking for when transporting your vehicle.

  • Open Trailer Transport

    Open shipping is our standard auto transport shipping type. The pros of open trailer transport are its cheap costs and larger availability. Despite the open carrier’s exposure to the elements, your vehicle it will generally arrive in the condition that it was picked up in. Request Open Trailer Quote Now

  • Enclosed Trailer Transport

    Enclosed trailer transport is the less common. This type of transport will keep your vehicle protected from the elements and is best suited for high end vehicles, vehicles with low ground clearance, or vehicles which have interiors exposed. Pricing is always more expensive for shipping enclosed than for shipping open. Request Enclosed Trailer Quote Now

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