Sandy Halts Auto Transport in the North East

Hurricane Sandy has reigned havoc over the east coast causing unthinkable damage to the region and the auto transport and trucking industry are now experiencing the after effects. Road closures across the region have halted freight/auto shipments altogether in most areas throughout the east. Shippers in this region should expect delays for pickups and deliveries for upwards to 2 weeks, depending on their location.

State Department of Transportation crews are starting to chip away at state highways closed by flooding and fallen trees and utility poles due to the storm, but officials said there’s a lot of work to be done.

“We’re seeing some of the numbers decrease. As we knock some roads off, others get added. Our crews are fixing problems where they can. In some places, we can’t, and have to wait for the water to recede.” said Joe Dee, NJDOT spokesman.

Officials are expecting all major routes and bridges to be open by the end of this week.

The states affected by the storm are:  Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine ,The West Virginia counties of: Jefferson, Brooke, Marshall, Ohio, Hancock, Wetzel, Barbour, Lewis, Upshur, Nicholas, Webster, Pocahontas, Randolph, Harrison, Tucker, Greenbrier, Preston, Doddridge, Gilmer, Braxton, Ritchie, Tyler, Taylor, Marion, Monongalia, Grant, Mineral, Hardy, Pendleton. and The North Carolina counties of: Beaufort, Bertie, Bladen, Brunswick, Camden, Carteret, Chowan, Columbus, Craven, Cumberland, Currituck, Dare, Duplin, Edgecombe, Gates, Greene, Halifax, Harnett, Hertford, Hoke, Hyde, Johnston, Jones, Lenoir, Martin, Nash, New Hanover, Onslow, Pamlico, Pasquotank, Pender, Perquimans, Pitt, Robeson, Sampson, Tyrrell, Washington, Wayn.

Our hearts go out to all the people and business’ who have been hurt by Hurricane Sandy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Posted on November 1st, 2012

Auto Transport Industry Update

During certain seasons, the cost to ship your vehicle may be lower or higher due to multiple factors. If you are looking to ship your car or truck, it is advised to wait until the fall/winter months. As during the spring/summer months, the auto shipping rates tend to be higher, because of the amount of people moving, purchasing new cars, traveling, etc. The summer is the busiest season for the auto carriers and the prices are thus increased to compensate for this. Along with the increase in competition, fuel costs are also higher during the summer and have gone up dramatically in recent years, causing auto shipping rates to rise even higher. Although fuel costs are higher, the rates also vary according to the segment of the country the auto is being shipped from and to. The west coast has the biggest change in diesel price, jumping dramatically, while the Midwest has the least change in diesel price. On the west coast, in recent weeks have had dramatic fuel increases due to refinery issues causing trickle down increases to truckers who have seen as much as a  30 cent increase. The Midwest has the smallest change with only 2.2 cents per gallon difference. The average price in the United States registered for diesel is $4.079 a gallon and in California $4.376. These averages are according to date compiled by the Energy Information Administration (EIA).  Certain locations across the country may also contribute to higher or lower auto shipping rates, during certain parts of the year. For example shipping to Southern states from Northern states in the summer will come with a premium due to the high number of shipments on these lanes. Where as shipping North will garner a very low auto shipping rate. If you are looking for the lowest auto shipping rates, it is recommended to ship during the months of October, November, and December. It is also advised, if at all possible, to ship from and to major cities to get the lowest price on auto shipping.

Posted on October 8th, 2012

Benefits of Using Road Wrap When Shipping A Car

When shipping your vehicle, there are many things that have to be taken into consideration and first and foremost, that is the safety of your vehicle. To ensure the highest amount of safety and security for your car, it is advised to use the Road Wrap when shipping your vehicle. The Road Wrap is very beneficial in the fact that it protects your car from dirt, debris and other pollutions in the air during the shipping process. Your car will be delivered fresh as new if you make sure to always use the Road Wrap when shipping your car. It also protects your precious paint on your vehicle along with decreasing any chance of dings from flying pebbles or branches. The weather is also a contributing factor to problems that might occur during the auto shipping process, and the Road Wrap eliminates the need to worry about weather concerns. Whether it is harsh winds, rain, snow, or even hail, the Road Wrap will make a huge positive difference in arming your vehicle with the proper defense during the auto shipping process. The reality is that enclosed shipping is always a preferable way to ship a vehicle, but it is much more expensive than traditional auto shipping that is uncovered. In order to benefit off of the covered auto shipping, but save yourself a lot of unnecessary spending, use the Road Wrap to ship your car or truck. The Road Wrap mimics what covered shipping does at a fraction of the price. You can rest assured that your vehicle is taken care of and safeguarded from any rough shipping that might be incurred. The Road Wrap is a specific material that is not harmful to your vehicle and is completely disposable. It is extremely easy to apply and it can be cut to fit any type, size or style of vehicle. There really is no reason why you would not want to include the Road Wrap on any car that you decide to auto ship; it is simply the smart thing to do. With all the fragments in the air including tree sap, tar, rock chips, bugs, etc. The Road Wrap is the #1 way to protect your vehicle when utilizing traditional uncovered auto shipping. Save money and defend the beauty of your car with the Road Wrap.

Posted on September 25th, 2012

Auto Transport Lead Generating Sites – Reasons to Avoid Using Them

When searching on Google or Yahoo for “auto transport” your search will result in ads from both actual shipping companies, like Autoline, and lead-generating websites. There are many reasons why shippers should avoid lead-generating sites at all costs. These websites, such as and, promise to get you a cheap auto-shipping rate, but in actuality they are selling your information to third party brokers. In doing so, customers will end up getting misleading quotes from unverified and sometimes unscrupulous auto shipping companies. Worse yet, is you may have to wait, hours or sometimes days to receive these quotes. That last and most poignant reason of why not to use a lead-generating website is that you will get bombarded with phone calls and/or emails for days, weeks, or even months.

When you input your personal information into these lead-generating sites, there is no doubt that your info. will be sold off and there is no telling where it will end up. Most of these lead-generating websites sell customers’ personal data to 10 or more different companies, compromising customer privacy. Well-established auto transport companies, like Autoline, will never ask you for your personal information upfront or at least not more than they need to provide an accurate shipping rate.

With lead generating sites customer will receive 5-10 different quotes to pick and choose from. However due to the high level of competition between these companies, shippers are likely to receive misleading low-ball’ quotes to get their attention. Companies will provide shippers with these low rates as a quote only to get your business, but not be able to get your vehicle moved for that price.  You may end up waiting for weeks to get your vehicle shipped and may cost you much more than you were initially quoted. The old saying stands true here for sure, “you get what you pay for”.

The worst part about using a lead-generating website is that you will be bombarded with spam, with literally hundreds of emails and phone calls. More often, these companies will bad mouth each other, making it difficult to determine who is actually legitimate and honest.  They will often make false promises just to earn your business, but not be able to deliver.  In addition, lead-generating sites will sell auto-shipping leads to anyone who is interested in buying them without verify their credentials or licenses.

Another downside to using lead generating sites is the fact that you will have to wait hours or even days for a quote to get your vehicle transported. If you need to get your car transported quickly and easily, a lead generating site is the worse option to use for time management purposes. Almost never, will the companies who advertise with lead-generating websites have a lucrative and efficient quoting system. But rather, all the quotes are done by hand where much human error will most certainly occur.

For the best result in getting your vehicle transported, you should go directly to the auto transport company itself. This will ensure that the quote you are getting is accurate and binding. Going directly to the source also assures that you will not be inundated with phone calls and emails. You also won’t have to wait around for a quote, and be assured an instant auto transport rate easily. Most importantly, by not using a lead-generating site, you will take away any risk of your personal information being misused. Using a lead generating site for your auto transport needs is both risky and very inefficient, and it is not recommend.

Still not sure on which sites to avoid? Here is a list of most common lead generating sites in the auto transportation industry:

About is a broker and auto transport carrier. Since 2005, provides comprehensive auto transport to literally anywhere in the US. See why we’re better – Request Your Instant Auto Transport Quote Now

Posted on September 15th, 2012

Who to Call When Shipping a Car

When shipping a car, it is in your best interest to contact a professional auto transport company directly. The reality is that the carrier or the driver is not knowledgeable to the laws and regulations that are necessary to the legalities of your vehicle. They are simply working with or for the transport company. The auto transport company or brokers are the ones that take great care in ensuring that your vehicle is transported safely and securely. The transport company also deals directly with insurance and other legalities to help you stay safe when transporting your vehicle. You might even think that you can save money or time dealing directly with the carrier or driver, but this is completely and utterly not the reality. Many times, people who have not dealt with the transport company or brokers, have gotten themselves into debacles because of small misunderstandings with the driver or the carrier. When dealing with the transport company, everything is in writing and legal, so you are safe and secure, as well as your vehicle, every step of the way. The truth is that dealing directly with the carrier or the driver is not even usually cheaper than dealing with the Auto Transport Company or broker. The prices that are set forth by the auto transport company are perfected to take all costs into consideration. This ensures a low price that you pay for your vehicle being shipped. The driver or carrier might not know the correct price for shipping and might quote you a higher price than the transport company ever would, so it is best to not engage in asking for a lower price from the driver or carrier. Call the transport company directly when you are looking to ship any type of vehicle and you will get the best price possible, you will get safe and secure shipment, and most importantly, you will be legally covered from all angles and directions. There are no questions when dealing with the broker directly, since all the questions have already been thought out and dealt with before you even contact the broker. You can feel safe and secure that everything has already been taken care of and you don’t have to worry about problems or issues arising in the future, which could be the case when dealing with the driver or carrier in the shipment of your vehicle.

Posted on August 25th, 2012